Insight Polymers
Custom and Specialty Polymer Compounding Tailored to Your Requirements

Custom & Specialty
Polymer Compounding

Polymer Compounds Tailored
to Your Specific Requirements

Solutions for Specialty & Custom Polymers

We provide Insight into the challenges of advanced Polymeric Materials and Polymer Compounding of multicomponent composites that target application requirements. Our staff understands the relevant variables in reaching your performance objectives. We have expertise in both the physical and chemical properties of polymers that contribute to solutions and lead to success in the end-use.

Polymer Compounding Research and Development

Research & Development

Our expertise, tools and network of partners will help you achieve your polymer compounding goals. With a broad range of skilled services ranging from formulated products to process development, we help augment your internal process through autonomous development or à la carte support.

Polymer Compounding Production


Utilizing our internal twin-screw extrusion assets, we produce innovative polymer compounds in developmental batch sizes ranging from pounds to truck loads. We implement novel development process design for proof-of-concept demos as well as small-scale manufacturing.

Polymer Compounding Testing and Characterization

Testing & Characterization

We recognize the importance of material testing during product development. Our in-house capabilities support production of market relevant testing specimens for property evaluation plus our extensive partner network provides access to nearly any specialized testing protocol needed.


Enabling Quantities of Custom Polymer Compounds to Your Needs

We work with you to determine your specific needs and then focus on delivering solutions that help you reach your goals quickly.

Polymer Compounding Production Meeting
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Our staff has expertise in both the physical and chemical properties of polymers that lead to solutions & success.

NPE 2024 - The Plastics Show

NPE 2024 - The Plastics Show

May 6-10, 2024

Automotive, healthcare, consumer products, construction and more. The largest plastics trade show in the Americas and one of the most innovative business events in the world.

Plastics Technology

Masterbatches Reduce Gloss in PLA and PETG 3D Printed Products

Jan. 2024

Insight Polymers & Compounding's two low-gloss additive masterbatches shown to boost appearance of 3D printed objects.

Plastics Today

Tennessee-based Compounder Expands Capabilities with 18-mm Extrusion Line

Sept. 2023

The new line enables Insight Polymers & Compounding to work with sustainable and biomass-derived fibers, fillers, and composites.


Extensive Knowledge of Polymer Compounding

Extensive Knowledge!!

We combine strengths in material science and polymer processing to provide production and product development solutions for a wide range of end-market-applications.

Our in-house equipment and skillset allow us to provide rapid turnaround

Rapid Turnaround

Time is a valuable resource. We work hard to deliver rapid results. Our in-house equipment and skillsets allow us to be nimble and quicker than other compounders.

Proven track record

Proven Track Record

Ranging from the routine to complicated compositions and processes we have a strong track record of innovation and specialty polymer compounding.

Unique & Novel Solutions for Custom & Specialty Polymer Compounds

Developmental Polymer Compounding Tailored to Your Specific  Requirements.

Insight specializes in polymer compounding tailored to your applications- making your product better by improving performance, enabling new designs and increasing productivity.

We serve customers that want product differentiation by focusing on specific performance objectives and requirements. We are not a one-size-fits-all company. We provide a depth of understanding and capability in polymer science and thermoplastic composite technology that provides the opportunity to develop products in conjunction with customers, matching their specific applications.

Improving strength, altering electrical and thermal behavior, lubricity, release, biocompatibility and other effects in balance with economic considerations is our expertise. This allows us to partner with customers and provide them with a competitive edge. We have helped customers with successful applications in markets including information technology, additive manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare.

Insight Polymers offers a wide array of services to enable your research and development goals from autonomous development projects to à la carte services to augment your internal development resources. Insight Polymers has an extensive combined development skill set from formulated products to process development. Insight Polymers leverages both our internal skills and tools along with an extensive network of external partners to help you reach your development targets.

Insight Polymers utilizes our internal twin screw extrusion assets to produce enabling quantities of innovative compounded products. We specialize in developmental batch sizes ranging from pounds of material up to truck load quantities. We can implement novel development process design for proof of concept demonstration as well as small-scale manufacturing. Our material handling capabilities allow introduction of pellets, powders, fibers and liquids to be carefully introduced to our twin-screw extruders.

We recognize the importance of complementing custom plastic compounding with material testing during innovative product development. Our in-house injection molding and film capabilities allow production of market relevant test specimens for property evaluation. Thermal, rheological and mechanical property evaluations are available internally and our extensive external network of development partners supports access to nearly any specialized testing protocol needed during development.

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