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Partners in Polymer Progress

A.J. Pasquale and Jeremy Lizotte go back a ways. They finished their doctoral studies in polymer chemistry from Virginia Tech in the early 2000s and followed the path laid by many 20-something graduate students before and since: They went to work for big materials companies.


Compound Investments

US-based polymer processor and custom compounder Insight Polymers & Compounding, recently purchased a ZSE-40 Maxx twin screw compounding extruder from Leistritz that it plans to use to expand its capability in production of compounds for additive manufacturing, as well as thermoplastics, elastomers, and reactive extrusion processes such as graft polymerisation and nanoparticle dispersion and exfoliation.


Insight Polymers Expands Advanced Compounding Facilities

Insight Polymers & Compounding has expanded its advanced compounding facilities in Kingsport, Tenn., with the addition of a new twin-screw extrusion line. The addition further expands capabilities with both high temperature process capabilities and a configuration of screw elements that in addition to conventional compounding enables reactive extrusion processes such as graft polymerization and nanoparticle dispersion and exfoliation. The new capability was developed with Leistritz and represents a modification of the ZSE 40-MAXX platform.


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